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District 2 First 

As a candidate for Indiana Representative, I am committed to making a difference my community.  As a husband and a father, I'm devoted to God & loving my family just as many of you are.  Just like you, I've been economically impacted by the ever increase in taxes and from policies that have jeopardized our children in schools. That's why I believe in transparency, accountability, and working together to create a brighter future for everyone.

Illegal Immigration

Our county’s national security interests are higher than they have ever been in our history.   The U.S. is consistently under imminent threats of terrorism and in order to safeguard our nation's future we must shut down the border along with a moratorium on immigration.  I would work to bring new resolutions to the floor for immigration reform.


I would focus on repealing the Federal Agencies Act that created the IRS, Board of Education and the ATF to eliminate them altogether saving billions of tax dollars in a year and trillions in the future.  I would support foreign spending ROI payments that would be made retro-active.   Giving back to growing the U.S. Economy while reducing inflation.  Also, working to focus on restarting American Energy Independence to help recover cost savings on a national scale.

Foreign Policy

I will sponsor & fully support cutting international spending in foreign wars and implementing a retroactive interest-bearing return on investments for all countries receiving American tax-payer funding, along with terminating dangerous Biden accords with foreign entities such as the WHO, UN and NATO that have jeopardized American Sovereignty in violation of the Constitution.



Together, we'll make

District 2 First Again!

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