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District 2

As a candidate for Indiana Representative, I am committed to making a difference my community.  As a husband and a father, I'm devoted to God & loving my family just as many of you are.  Just like you, I've been economically impacted by the ever increase in taxes and from policies that have jeopardized our children in schools. That's why I believe in transparency, accountability, and working together to create a brighter future for everyone.

Ending Vehicle Emmisions

Eliminating Home Property Taxes

Educational Academic Performance

NWI is the last region in the State to continue implementing a burdensome and at times costly outdated emissions testing to its residents. 


It's time to end this abusive policy of indirect taxation against the communities in our district. 

My goal is to have emissions testing eliminated in Lake County.

    Local, County and State Taxes continue a never-ending rise and it's hurting not only the hard-working middle class but the elderly & poor residents in our communities. 


This in turn ends with families being evicted from their homes and auctioned off by the local court system.

As a legislature I will always listen to the needs of the residents in my District and fight these deceptive tactics in the Legislature. 

Our school education system is broken.  It has been polarized, politized and held at gun point by local politicians and school boards for far too long, and no other district representative has done anything to improve it.

Our schools allowed students to be manipulated into common core studies, self-victimhood and sexual propaganda that overall performance in July 2023 was between 50% -35%.  In essence our children are being held hostage by the same curriculum that has continuously failed.   

My promise is to enact legislation that would implement the proper instructions in school to help confidently build our students goals and success. 



Together, we'll make

District 2 First Again!

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